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Last updated: November 22, 2021

The Official Gordon Badge or family crest

The Armorial Bearings of George Gordon, The Earl of Aberdeen of the Highland Gordons, G.C.M.C. Reproduced in Facsimile from the painting by Mr Graham Johnston in Lyon Register

The Coat of Arms of the Gordons of Kenmure Scottish lowland Gordons as recorded in 1842 in Burkes





The Gordon Tartan

3 Little Piggies - a fascinating study on the origin of the Boars' Heads found as a base of all individual coats-of-arms in the Gordon family and the possible implications of relationship among ancient clans.

Consanguinity Chart (Kinship)









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An interesting version on the origins of the Gordon surname. Click here.

Se(a)ton-Gordon References

An Old Family, Robert Seton (1899)
PDF File (13.6 MB)

The Seaton family with
genealogy and
(1906), Oren Andrew Seaton
PDF File (12.8 MB)

Swinton-Gordon References

The Family of Swinton Captain George Swinton(1899)
PDF File (359 KB)



Alexander Gordon and his Descendants.
Marian Gordon Otis (1999)

Gordon Kinship, McBride (1973). An excellent resource for a contemporary and comprehensive overview of key Gordon lines. This book is still under copyright so not scanned.

Gordons: Wines & Spirits

The Gordons are known as one of the great military of Scotland, but did you also know the Gordons have one of the longest and most decorated family histories in wine & spirits? From Scotch whisky to Gordon's Gin and TIO PEPE Sherry, Click here to learn more.


Famous Gordons

Jeff Gordon
-Pro race car driver

Steven "Flash" Gordon

The Chinese Gordon (aka Gordon of Khartoum)
-19th Century British War General






Humphrey Bogart stocks Gordon's Gin in film "African Queen"


BOOK SCANS (searchable)

"Chinese Gordon"-General Charles George Gordon (1833-1885), Forbes (1884)
PDF File (8 MB)

Coclarachie, Steven Ree (1902)
PDF File (2.5 MB)

A Concise History of the Ancient and Illustrious House of Gordon
CA Gordon (1734)
PDF File (9 MB)

The Gay Gordons,some strange stories of a famous Scots family , Bulloch (1908)
PDF File (21 MB)

Gordon book; published for the Bazaar of the Fochabers Reading_Room, Bulloch (1902)
PDF File (8 MB)

Gordons in Virginia: With Notes on Gordons of Scotland and Ireland (non-searchable), Armistead Churchill Gordon (1918)
PDF File (28.8 MB)

Gordons of the Deep South
Erminie Northcutt Marshall (1961)

The history of the ancient, noble and illustrious family of Gordon, William Gordon (1726)
Vol. 1 PDF File (42 MB)
Vol. 2 PDF File (37 MB)

House of Gordon (v1), Bulloch (1903)
PDF File (72 MB)

House of Gordon (v3): Gordons Under Arms, a biographical muster roll of officers named Gordon in the navies and armies of Britain, Europe, America and in the Jacobite risings, Skelton, Bulloch (1912)
PDF File (37 MB)

Legend of the Grand Gordons, Ross (1874)
PDF File (43 MB)

The Life of George Fourth Earl of Aberdeen, Lady Frances Campbell Balfour
Vol. 1 PDF File (28 MB)
Vol. 2 PDF File (28 MB)

Records of Aboyne, Huntly, Marquis of (1894)
PDF File (26 MB)

Territorial soldiering in the north-east of Scotland during 1759-1814, Bulloch (1914)
PDF File (31 MB)







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DNA is the newest 21st century tool in our arsonal to advance Gordon family and Gordon Sept research.

Whether you are simply curious or a seasoned genealogist, DNA testing will likely help you find previously unknown Gordon cousins, fill in missing family history, discover to which Gordon branch you belong and help identify the origins of our Gordon surname. You supply the DNA, and the project's volunteer House of Gordon researchers...the answers.

DNA is not a substitute for conventional research; rather, it serves as a supplementary research method to scientifically support and enhance your conventional research, often breaking down research walls in the process.

By including detailed family histories and other resources, these pages are intended to help the conventional researcher, as well as those who have submitted DNA. Updated almost daily, you will also find many free tools, links and a host of other researchers to help in your Gordon research quest.

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In the mid-1990s, the Internet became the best tool ever to happen to genealogical research, networking researchers around the world. Then, as if it could be outdone, in 1999, Family Tree DNA - in cooperation with the University of Arizona - started offering DNA testing. Together, the powerful combination carries genealogical research into the 21st century.  Now, we have the opportunity to take advantage of modern science and technologies and participate in DNA testing at a group discount for our House of Gordon surname project.

Testing takes only 10-minutes and involves a simple swab of saliva from inside your cheek in the privacy of your own home. To see a picture of the Kit, click here.

Once the results of the tests are returned to you by email, they are automatically included in an online database, where our DNA is matched to others sharing a similar genetic sequence. To protect privacy of our testers, you are identifiable only by kit number and an email address. No other private information is given.

It should be noted that DNA Testing does not take the place of conventional research.  It does, however, give direction to research efforts, making your research more productive and eliminating a lot of guess work.  It can help break through brick walls, giving solid evidence of ancestors' origins.  Since most of our Gordons were very mobile, they were also very elusive:  avoiding census takers, probate court, marriage records, undertakers, even tax collectors!  DNA can help us connect to cousins who are related by blood and interested in sharing information on their Gordons. 

Although a variety of DNA testings are available for us, it is recommended that you start out with the 67-marker Y-DNA test (the 12-marker test is too general for practical genealogical purposes). Kits including the Gordon Group Discount may ordered directly from the Gordon section of the Family Tree DNA webpage.

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