Gordon Surname

The name of Gordon is said to have been given under the following circumstances:

The country was infested with wild boars and other beasts of prey, and it was usual to bestow some marked of royal favor on the person who killed one. The Laird of Lochinvar having pursued and killed a wild boar, cut out its tongue, and put it in his pocket, and overcome with fatigue, fell asleep.

Another, who had been also in pursuit, finding Lochinvar asleep, cut off the head, hurried with to Edinburgh, and claimed and received the reward. Lochinvar, on awakening, suspected what had been done, and went immediately to Edinburgh, and represented to the King that he was the person really entitled to the reward, and in proof demanded that the head should opened, when no tongue was found.

This occurring, Lochinvar's claim was demonstrated, and the Kine not only gave him the usual reward, but became his friend. The Kind having asked him how he killed the boar, :May it please your Majesty," said Lochinvar, "I just gored him down." "Very well," said the King, "as a reward of your merit, you shall henceforward Goredown. Knight of Lochinvar.

Source: Fraser-Mackintosh of Drummond, Charles F.S.A Scot. "Connection Betwixt the Knights of Lochinvar, afterwards Viscounts of Kenmure, With the Mackintoshes--a Byepath in History, 1520" in A Series of Papers Regarding Families and Places in the Highlands. Inverness, 1865










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