The Gordon Fund


Sometimes we receive inquiries from researchers who have a Gordon cousin that they would like to have tested, but the prospective tester might be on a fixed income or maybe needs a little incentive.  It would be an unfortunate missed opportunity to advance our project, due simply to a lack of funds.  Created just for such circumstances, we have established a General Fund for our Gordon surname.



If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of a test kits for others, please Click the following link.  Credit card, PayPal and checks are accepted.

We will apply donated funds to 25-marker kits (US $148) as they become available.

Once a donation is made, please write a short note to me directly so that I can follow up with our lab and insure your donation has been processed.  Also, please let me know if you might have any special instructions.  Unless otherwise stated, I will add your name and the amount of your donation below.

 **Please note that 100% of donated funds will go directly towards the purchase of DNA kits.

 **If you are a prospective tester that may need assistance with paying for a kit, please do not hesitate to write me at:



The following is a log of our Gordon General Fund entries:


Total Donations:           US $1,075.00  

Current Balance:          US $1,026.00  


Donation made by     Amount (USD)         In Memory of...

House of Gordon      $1,000.00

Jim Gordon          $25.00                      

Merle Gordon        $25.00                      

Jane Miscavich       $25.00