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Don't forget to upload your results to Y-base and Y-search, which are worldwide databases. This is especially important if you are not matching any other Gordons yet. Furthermore, these other two organizations allow us to compare results with other labs and surnames, including Gordon. You can upload your results by going to the following webpages, respectively: www.ybase.org/ and www.ysearch.org/

Click here to check out the Genographic Project by National Geographic and IBM

Click here to go to DNA 101: Y-Chromosome Testing page written by John A. Blair.  

Click here to go to Family Tree DNA pages that explain the Most Recent Common Ancestor curves in detail.  Includes curves for 12/12, 11/12, 10/12, 25/25, 24/25 and 23/25 matches

Click here for the Scottish Clans DNA Project

Click here for the Scotland DNA Project