How to upgrade your existing kit



If you decide to start with the 12-, 25- or 37-marker tests, you can always upgrade later. It is very easy to do. Just follow the direction below.


12- to 25-markers: $49
12- to 37-markers: $99

12- to 59-markers: $189
25- to 37-markers: $49
25- to 59-markers: $149
37- to 59-markers: $99

**(US $ dollars)



1. Open the FTDNA webpage at:

2. In the right column, there is a box that says "My FTDNA." Type your Kit Number and your Password to access your personal section.

3. Click on Submit.

4. You should now be on My FTDNA section of the webpage. At the top the page, you will see the text, "Order Tests."

5. On the bottom of this page, scroll down to the bottom and select either "Credit Card" or "Invoice" to pay for the upgrade.

6. Right below the payment option, you will see a pull-down menu. Simply Click on the test you want to upgrade to, either 25-marker or 37-marker.

7. Click Continue to checkout

**The lab keeps your sample in their lab for 20 years, so there is no need to resubmit your sample for the upgrade.