How to receive the Gordon Group Discount for new testers


There are currently three available tests: A 12-marker, 25-marker, 37-marker (recommended) and 67-marker Y-DNA tests. The more markers tested, the more information may be gleaned from your results. We strongly recommend the 37-marker or 67-marker test.


The prices are not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

The Regular prices are as follows:

$159 (12-marker)
$259 (37-marker)
$349 (67-marker)

**(US $ dollars)

However, through our Gordon Group Discount, the House of Gordon and its Septs can take advantage of the following prices:

$59 (12-marker)
$149 (37-marker)
$248 (67-marker)


**(US $ dollars)

To take advantage of our Group Discount, follow this link: