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Descendants of James Gordon

1) James Gordon [Sr.] bn.  1748 Cecil Co. MD, given land by State 1791 in Rowan Co. [now Davidson], NC; m. Mary Riddle in Rowan Co. NC 1779
2)         James [Jr.]- died w/o heirs
2)         Joseph [Sr.] - owned lots of land around Thomasville, NC – family Bible lists children
2)         William - had many debts,  bought land in 1811, had to sell same property back 1816, lost everything, last seen in census w/o property
3)                     John W. bn 1815, Rowan Co. [became Davidson Co. 1822] – dad indentured him to Ezekiel Teague, clerk assumed dad was dead [there was a William Gordon who had died, with a son John, but not this one]
4)                                 Alfred A. [m. Elizabeth Swaim]
5)                                             James Milton
5)                                             William Pleasant
5)                                             Albert Lemuel [m. Bessie White]
6)                                                         Hyacinthe [m. Garnett Williard]
6)                                                         Dennis Harold [m. Lillie Gordon]
6)                                                         Hazel [m. Ralph Gossett]
6)                                                         Infant son
6)                                                         Jacob A. [died 7 yrs]
6)                                                         Helen Louise [never married]
6)                                                         Clifton Monroe [no children]
4)                                 Nancy Louisa
4)                                 Albert Lemuel [died in Civil War]
4)                                 Martha [m. Shubal Henderson]
4)                                 Cornelia
4)                                 John Madison, m. Sarah Henderson, AnnaLuck
3)                     Catherine
3)                     Ellen
2)         Rachel
2)         Catherine [m. Frances Grubb]
2)         Nelly [m. David Shuler]
2)         Mary [m. William Ball]
2)         Ruth [m. Thomas K. Cecil]
2)         Sarah [m. Thomas B. Cecil]
2)         Nancy [m. Jacob Tise]