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Unfortunately beyond my own birthdate, I do not have any names or locations because in FL the adoption records are sealed.  I do know my father was an only child and I was appearently his first born.  If there were any after me I don't know.  The information I got from the agency also mentioned that my grandmother remarried and that my father never knew his paternal relatives.  That and the age of my grandfather's death (23) make me think my father was either very young or perhaps not even born yet when my grandfather died.  Two other unique tidbits, my grandmother was the youngest of 10 children and all were alive and well when I was born in 1962.  The other tidbit is that my father did underwater color photography which seems pretty unusual for the early 1960s.

Generation 2
1. MALE GORDON 21 was born in 1907. He died in 1930. He married WIFE GORDON 3, daughter of
Male 4 and Wife 5. She was born in 1906.
Male Gordon 2 and Wife Gordon 3 had the following child:
2. i. MALE GORDON 12 was born in 1931. He married WIFE GORDON 2. She was born in

Generation 2
2. MALE GORDON 12 (1Male Gordon 2) was born in 1931. He married WIFE GORDON 2. She was born
in 1928.
Male Gordon 1 and Wife Gordon 2 had the following child:
i. LEE3 MCLAMB JAY was born on 14 Jan 1962 in Miami, FL.
Notes for Lee McLamb Jay:
Birth Notes:
Address: Miami, FL/USA