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Descendants of Alexander Gordon, b. 1635, Scotland

Alexander Gordon
Born 1635 in Scotland
Died Exeter NH 1697
Married Mary Lyssen 1663
At 16 yrs was a soldier in Chas. "2" army. Enlisted in 1675 in defense of Exeter at time of King Phillips War. In 1695 served in Capt. Kingsley Halls company in the so called King Williams war. He was a lumberman and owned several saw mills.
Thomas Gordon
Born 1678 Exeter NH
Died 1762
Married Elizabeth Harriman Nov. 22, 1699
Benony Gordon (Sr.)
Born 1709 Exeter, NH
Died 1769
Married Abigail Smith
Enoch Gordon
Born 1745
Married Polly Carter
Married Abigail Ladd 1778
Married Mary Eastman
Was a revolutionary soldier
Eliphalet Gordon (Sr.)
Born Nov 6, 1772
Died Mar 29, 1864
Married Abigail Smith
Married Dorothy Sanvorn
Eliphalet Gordon (Jr.)
Born July 16, 1801
Died 1854
Married Polly Nicholls Kelley 1828 - see the Dudley Family, below
Daniel Kelley Gordon
Born 1838
Died 1915
Married Rose Ann Irvine 1860
Served in Civil War as a volunteer from Vermont
Enlisted in 1863, discharged at end of war
Dudley Johnston Gordon
Born 1861
Died 1939
Married Emma Sophia Spangler 1891
(born 1872, died 1940)
Daniel Jacob Gordon
Born Mar 4 1892
Died Jan 1 1961
Married Ruth Ester Gates 1919
(born 9/20/1900 )
Dennis Gates Gordon
Born June 26, 1929
Still alive
Married Ruth Elaine Tuschhoff
Still alive
Gregory Brian Gordon
Born May 6, 1958
Still alive
Married Pamela Sue Witt
Divorced in 1986
Married Krystal Le Richardson