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Descendants of Thomas GORDON
LADD born 1784 Rhode Island, died 1856,
Brookfield, NY.

I am WILLIAM R. LADD born 1965, Cortland, NY

My father was DONALD R. LADD born 1926, Cuyler, NY
died 1993, Cortland, NY

My grandfather was CLAY L. LADD born 1886, Cuyler, NY
died 1960, Cortland, NY

My great grandfather was JOHN C. LADD born 1864,
Brookfield, NY, died 1932, Nelson, NY

My great great grandfather was JOHN LADD born c 1816
Rhode Island, died after 1880, Brookfield, NY

My great great great grandfather was THOMAS GORDON
LADD born 1784 Rhode Island, died 1856,
Brookfield, NY. His wife was Abigail born c1783
in RI, maiden name unknown.

I have found at least 10 pieces of evidence
(deeds, censuses, headstone) that list Thomas'
middle initial as 'G' and one time his middle
name is listed as GORDON. It seems this name
was important to him. I have yet to find another
Thomas Ladd living anywhere near him in either
RI or NY, so I have not found any real need for
him to differentiate from another Thomas, thus
using his middle initial/name.

In a deed from 1810, his middle name Gordon is
used. He receives land in this deed for free
from Elizabeth & Solomon Ladd Lewis. From the
wording of this document, I would say Thomas is
related to the couple, possibly even a son. Maybe
he was an illegitimate or adopted son of
Elizabeth Ladd. Just conjecture as this point.
Thomas also seemed to have dealings with other
members of this same Ladd family. This family
seemed to marry into the Lewis family quite a bit
and also the Parker & Hawkins families and I
believe also the Burlesons.

I recently discovered there was at least one
Thomas Gordon in nextdoor Windham Co, CT in
the 1790s (the same county Thomas and
Elizabeth Ladd Lewis lived according to the 1810
deed). Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. Also
in RI there are many families of Gortons.



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