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Descendants of Nathaniel Gordon, b. 1700, d. 1788

Nathaniel Gordon came to Boston about 1749 from county Tyrone, Ire. to hook up with a brother who had previously gone to Virginia.  He was said to be from Scotland.  Nathaniel's oldest son had gone to Boston prior to 1749 in the employ of a relative named William Gordon, merchant of Boston and Dunstable. 

It appears that Nathaniel Gordon and William Gordon of Boston were either brothers or first cousins. William Gordon's father was James Gordon of Boston who was born in 1693 and died in 1770 in Boston.  James' son William was born in 1727 in Boston and died in 1777 in Dunstable.  William Gordon served as executor for James Gordon's estate (supported by a Massachusetts supreme court case concerning contested property claims and information from old newspapers and letters).  (Based on Revolutionary War pension papers,  William Gordon in Boston who served in the Revolution and was called Captain William Gordon is not the same William Gordon).

William Gordon's sister Elizabeth married a loyalist named William Martin who was captain and later major-general in Napier's Regiment of the Royal artillery.  Because William Martin was considered a traitor, Elizabeth's share of her father James Gordon's estate was confiscated by the state of Massachusetts and auctioned off after the Revolutionary war. However, their son James Martin challenged the court's decision about 1801 and won his case in 1810.

James Gordon of Boston and William Martin (stationed in New York, Nova Scotia and London) carried on quite a correspondance in the 1750's.  The published diary of Matthew Patten mentions a property settlement between James Martin and John Gordon (a documented uncle of mine).  Elizabeth (Gordon) Martin and William her husband are buried in the churchyard at Mary-le-bone, England. 

There is a letter written to James Gordon of Boston in the early 1700's from his father, James Gordon surveyor at Stranraer 1714; tidewaiter port of Stranraer 1715; surveyor, landwaiter and searcher at Wigtown 1738. Was deceased by 2 Jan 1739.


8 Generation TREE with Direct (bold font) and Lateral Lines.                           Nathaniel Gordon


                                                                                                                                + Sarah Martin



                                                John                                Samuel                                                          Hannah                                           Elizabeth                                 James

                                        1729-?                                   1732-1818                                                 (?)                                                  (?)                                  (died young)

                              + Mary Campbell 1762                +Eleanor Mitchell ~1764                     + Ephraim Smith                          +John Bell



     Samuel        Sarah          Elizabeth         Hannah          Nathaniel            Eleanor              Jane                         Mary                    Nehemiah                  John             Nancy            Infant         Infant

   1765-1853    1767-?         1769-?          1772-1811       1776-1827        ~1775/1784      ~1783-1760/1770   ~1783-1860/1870   1784/1788-1816    1790-1839     ~1791-~1850

   +Lydia         +Benjamin    +Joseph         +Stephen     +Sophia ~1801  +Capt. Andrew   Unmarried      +Adam                 Unmarried             +Betsey          +Thomas

   Ames 1790    Newman       Barnes 1801   Pierce 1801  ~1790-1850      Cochran 1816                                      Dickey 1808                             Smith 1819        Dickey 1815


      Betsey                     Maria                        Franklin           Reuben                  Alvira              Almira                Sophia                       John                   Lorenzo                  Gilbert                  Infant

    1809-1898          ~1811-~1860/1870         ~1812-1862      1814-1874              1816-~1870     1816-1888       ~1820-~1870              1822-1911             1825-1886               1827-1903

     +Wells                   +Asahel                      +Margaret         +Mary                  Unmarried       Unmarried       +Peter                        +Latetia                +Mary                  +Caroline

        Byington 1836       Stone~1835               Lyon ~1859     Alexander ~1850                                                   Phillips ~1842          Wilson 1848        Stafford 1852        Davis ~1856


                                                    Charkes P.                                        Josephine                              Devillo K.                           George D.  

                                                    1850-1925                                          1854-1914                            1856-1865                          1866-1925

                                                  +F. Adella Lloyd 1880                +David Mitchell 1873                                                     +Emma Z. Small ~1888                                                                                                          


       LeRoy            Lloyd Terral            Leafie Belle                Infant             Fern Myrtle                    Helen Mae                 Harold J.                  Alvord J.                  Harold

    1881-1882          1884-1951              1887-1959                ~1890                1892-1980                    1894-1973          1896-~1900/1910         1898-1977             1913 Adopted

                           +Maysil DeEtta    +Willis Flewellin 1909                   +Francis Getchell 1917           +George                                                +Ruth Helen

                             Corliss 1911                                                             +John Sheriff 1931            Youngberg 1916                                         Lord 1924

                                                                                                            +Ernest Lewis 1956