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Descendants of Alexander Gordon "Ole Alex"

I am a direct descendent of Alexander Gordon.  Here are the generations of Gordons leading to me:

Alexander / Thomas / Daniel / Ithiel / Josiah / George / Reuel / George Washington / Grafton / Dwight

Ithiel and Josiah fought in the Revolutionary War.  George Washington Gordon served in the Civil War.  His cousin, George Washington Gordon, served in the Civil War.  John Wesley Gordon and I share something in common – great-grandfathers with the same name!  I remember the first time I saw John Wesley’s website.  My reaction was – “How can his great grandfather be George Washington Gordon?”  After all, I know who most of my direct male relatives are at least back that far and John Wesley is not one of them.  Thankfully, Miriam Otis came to the rescue!

Jim Gordon from the Gordon DNA Project tells me that right now there are not enough DNA samples to be able to identify the Gordon family branch that I come from.  It is interesting that there is a small group of us that are all descended from “Ole” Alex!  In fact in terms of matches I currently am part of a small group of 4.

I am now interested in doing research back in Scotland to see how many generations I can identify leading up to Alex arriving in America.  I am sure others have already set out to discover this information.  I would be grateful for anything you could pass along.