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Descendants of William Gordon b. 1714 in Sutherland, Scotland. Came to North Carolina aboard the Bachelor of Leith in 1776.

Descendants of William Gordon

The Gordons are one of the great families of the north-east of Scotland,
and their surname has many suggested meanings, although the family were
almost certainly of Anglo-Norman descent. There is also a tale which makes
the first of the family the saviour of a Scottish king, in this case from a
wild boar. This is said to explain the boars¹ heads which appear on the
Gordon arms.

The first certain record of the name places the family in the Borders
during the reigns of Malcolm IV and William the Lion. Richard de Gordon
appears in numerous charters, and probably died around 1200. Sir Adam de
Gordon was one of the wardens of the marches in 1300, he became a staunch
supporter of Robert the Bruce, and was one of the ambassadors sent to Rome
to petition the pope to remove the excommunication which had been placed on
Bruce after his murder of John Comyn. For his services the king granted to
Gordon the lands of Strathbogie, which had been confiscated from the Earl
of Atholl for treason.

The Castle of Strathbogie was to be renamed Huntly after a portion of the
Gordon lands in Berwickshire. In 1436 Sir ALexander Gordon was created Lord
Gordon, and his son was raised to the title of Earl of Huntly. The family
became embroiled in the deadly battle for power between the king and the
Douglases. Huntly was for the king, but when he moved his forces south, the
Earl of Moray, kinsman and ally of the Douglases, devastated the Gordon
lands and burned Huntly Castle.

The Gordons were recalled and soon defeated their enemies. After the fall
of the Douglases, the power of the Gordons grew unchallenged. Their control
over their lands was almost regal, and the chiefs are to this day fondly
referred to as ŒCock o¹ the North¹.

A grand new castle at Huntly rose from the ruins of the old, and it soon
rivalled any of the great houses of the realm. In 1496 Huntly Castle hosted
the marriage of the pretender, Perkin Warbeck, believed at the time to be
one of the missing sons of Edward IV (the Œprinces in the tower¹), to Lady
Catherine Gordon. George, fourth Earl of Huntly, became Chancellor of
Scotland in 1547 and was a close confidant of the regent, Mary of Guise,
the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots.

The Gordons paid scant attention to the Reformation, remaining firmly
Catholic. However, they disagreed with the young queen; Huntly died at
Corricie, leading his men against the royal army, and his son, Sir John
Gordon, was later beheaded before Queen Mary at Aberdeen. The Gordons
eventually made peace with the Crown, and in 1599 the chief was created
Marquess of Huntly.

The second Marquess was a fierce supporter of the royalist cause in the
civil war, and his followers have passed into history as the Gordon Horse,
which figured so prominently in the campaigns of the great Marquess of
Montrose. Huntly was captured in Strathdon in December 1647 and was taken
to Edinburgh, where he languished until March 1649, when he was beheaded.
Lord Louis Gordon was restored to the family estates and titles in 1651,
and was raised to the highest rank of peerage as Duke of Gordon in 1684.

The Gordons fought on both sides during the Jacobite risings of 1715 and
1745. The second Duke of Gordon followed the standard of the ŒOld
Pretender¹ at the Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715. He later surrendered, but
although he was imprisoned for a short period, no further proceedings were
taken against him. The third Duke remained loyal to the Hanoverians when
Prince Charles Edward Stuart reasserted his father¹s claim in 1745, but his
brother, Lord Louis Gordon, promptly raised a regiment of two battalions.
After Culloden he escaped to France, where he died in 1754. George, fifth
Duke of Gordon, was a general in the army and for a time governor of
Edinburgh Castle. He died without issue, and the dukedom became extinct.
The marquessate passed to a kinsman, from who the present chief decsends.

Another branch of the clan were created Earls of Aberdeen in 1682. The
fourth Earl was a Prime Minister in the mid nineteenth century. This
branch, too, were advanced to the dignity of Marquess, and established
their seat at Haddo House near Aberdeen.

1. William Gordon born 1714, Wymore, Clyde, Sutherland, Scotland,
occupation Farmer, married Unknown. William died NC.

15 April 1774. The Bachelor of Leith, Alexander Ramage, Master bound to
Wilmington in N. C. from Caithness and Sutherland in Scotland is forced by
distress of weather to put into Shetland. Taking advantage of this
situation the officers at the Port of Lerwick interview several passengers
and learn the genuine causes of many emigrants leaving Scotland, and going
to America. William Gordon saith that he is aged 60 and upwards, by trade a
farmer, married, hath six children who emigrate with him with the wives and
children of his two sons, John and Alexander Gordon. Resided last at Wymore
in the Parish of Clyde in the County of Sutherland, upon lands belonging to
William Baillie of Rosehall. That having two sons already settled in
Carolina, who wrote him encouraging him to come there, and finding the
rents of lands raised in so much that a possession in which his grandfather
paid eight merck scots, he himself at last paid sixty. He was induced to
emigrate for the greater benefit of his children being himself an old man
and lame so that it was indifferent to him in what country he died. That
his circumstances were greatly reduced not only by the rise of rents but by
the loss of cattle, particularly in the severe winter of 1771. That the
land on which he lived has often changed masters, and the rents have been
raised on every change; and when Mr. Baillie bought them they were farmed
with the rest of his purchase to one tacksman, (a middleman who leased a
large piece of land from the owner and sublet it in small farms.) at a very
high rent, who must also have his profits out of them. All these things
occurring induced him to leave his own country in hopes that his children
would earn their bread more comfortably elsewhere. That one of his sons is
a weaver and another a shoemaker, and he hopes that they may get bread for
themselves and be a help to support him.


2. i William Gordon born abt 1750.

ii John Gordon.

iii Alexander Gordon born abt 1755, married 1790, in Fairfield.
SC, Sarah Lee.

Second Generation

2. William Gordon (1.William1) born abt 1750, married Unknown Gordon. 1790
Stokes Co.,N.C. census, Salisbury District, shows 4 sons under 16, his wife
& 3 daughters.


3. i John Gordon born 1788.

Third Generation

3. John Gordon (2.William2, 1.William1) born 1788, Stokes Co., N.C.,
occupation Farmer, married 23 Nov 1834, in Stokes Co., N.C., Mary Tuttle,
born 22 Sep 1792, Germanton, Stokes Co., N.C., (daughter of John Tuttle and
Anna Barbara Elizabeth Frey). Pg. 4 Polk Co. 1840 census


4. i Joshua Gordon born 1813.

ii Lucretia Gordon born 1820, NC, married 1843 Jacob Hollifield in
Murray Co., Ga.

5. iii Lorenzo D. Gordon born 1820.

iv Nancy Gordon born 1826, NC, married (fnu) Thompson

v Thomas C. Gordon born 1829, Tn., married Mary Ann (mnu)

vi Jacob C. Gordon born 1832, Tn., married Elizabeth Smith. Jacob
died in Civil War. Buried in Richmond, Va.

Fourth Generation

4. Joshua Gordon (3.John3, 2.William2, 1.William1) born 1813, N.C., married
Mary A. ??, born 1813, Va.


i William D. Gordon born 1838, Tn.

ii Mary J. Gordon born 1842, Ga.

iii Elizabeth F. Gordon born 1844, Ga.

iv George W. Gordon born 1846, Ga.

v Jacob M. Gordon born 1850, Ga.

5. L. D. Gordon (3.John3, 2.William2, 1.William1) born 1820, N.C., married
Elizabeth Ross, born 1821, Tn. L.D. lived at Aile Culsa at the head of
Sugar Creek in Murray Co., Ga. near Polk Co., Tn. from 1835 to 1854, and
lived in Ark. from 1854 to 1862.


i John W. Gordon born 1844, Tn.

6. ii Joshua Gordon born 10 Apr 1845.

iii Rebecca E. Gordon born 1846, Ga.

iv William P. Gordon born 1849, Ga.

Fifth Generation

6. Joshua Gordon (5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2, 1.William1) born 10 Apr
1845, Murray Co., Ga. (or Polk Co., Tn.), occupation Farmer, married 21 Jul
1872, in Polk Co., Tn. by Sam Yeates, M.G., Queen Victoria Battles, born 3
Dec 1853, Jackson Co., N.C., mother of 16, died 20 Mar 1939, Cleveland,
Tn., buried: Friendship Cemetery Cleveland, Tn. Joshua died 16 Apr 1916,
Cleveland, Tn. (Chatata Valley), buried: 17 Apr 1916, Friendship Cemetery
Cleveland, Tn.

Confederate Pension Application #5219 states that he enlisted 1861 in Co.
E, 5th Tn. Cav. was captured, imprisoned and paroled at Richmond, Va. March


Gordon Joshua 52l 9

DATE FILED ACCEPTED?: July 11, 1903 Yes

NATIVE OF RESIDES AT: Ga. Tasso, Bradley Co., Tn. UNIT(S): Co. Et 5th Tn.

BIRTHPLACE & DATE: Murray Co., Ga.


DESCRIBE ANY DISABILITY: Relapse of measles caused respiratory disease

HOW DISCHARGED: Paroled near Richmond, Va. March l865



FAMILY MEMBERS & AGES: Wife 45, 2 boys and 2 girls, youngest 1l


PROPERTY OWNED: 20 acres,worth $200, partly paid for

METHOD OF SUPPORT: Own labor and help from family

HOW LONG IN TENN?: Since age 4




WITNESSES: M. V. Jones and J, R. Collins



Gordon, Queen Victory 6352

Date Filed/Accepted?: May 8, 1916 Yes

How Long in TN: 47 Years

Current Residence: Tasso, Bradley Co., Tn.

Birth Place & Date: Jackson Co., N.C. Dec. 3, 1853

Maiden Name: Battles

Husband's Name & Birth: Gordon, Joshua b. Polk Co., Tn,

When & Where Married: July 21, 1872 Polk Co., Tn.

By Whom Married: Sam Yeates, M.G. (Minister of the Gospel)

Husband's Co. & Regt.: Co. E, 5th Tn. Cav.

Did He Apply For Pension?: Yes # 5219

When &-Where Husband Died: Apr. 16, 1916 Cleveland, Tn.

Info. on Children: 16 children, 8 boys and 8 girls (6 dead), youngest
living child is Walter, born Mar. 1, 1894.

Other Family Info.: Since husband's death, son Franklin & wife moved in.

Notes'on Property: Owns 20 acres worth $500, mule($40), cow ($3O), 4 Hogs
($15), Buggy ($10) Wagon ($10)

Witnesses: John M. Julian of Tasso, a Federal Soldier Co. A, 4th Tn. Cav.,
U.S. Army, and Melissa C. Duncan

Information from Other Documents in File: Letter, Jan. 1, 1917, Wm.F.
Duncan, 74, Tassoo has lived by the Gordons since 1883, Letter, Apr, 17,
1916, T. H. Hightower knew Gordon for last few years and saw him buried
Apr. 17, 1916.


7. i David Ashton Gordon born 7 May 1872.

ii James Harry Gordon born 28 Jul 1874, married 1 Aug 1895, in
Bradley Co., Tn., by J.P. Cash, JP, Cleo Pierce.

iii Maggie Gordon born 10 Oct 1875.

iv R. L. Gordon born 23 Dec 1876.

8. v Lieuniser (Lou) Gordon born 21 Mar 1878.

vi Louisa Gordon born 1878, Bradley Co., Tn.

vii Clara Gordon born 6 Nov 1879, married John Palmer.

9. viii Leonidas (Lee) Gordon born 10 Apr 1881.

ix Charles Gordon born 9 May 1883.

x Franklin Gordon born 24 Sep 1884.

xi Lillie Gordon born 2 Mar 1886.

xii Julian Gordon born 1887, Btadley Co., Tn.

xiii Raymond Gordon born 8 Oct 1887.

xiv Roseanne Gordon born 1 Oct 1888.

10. xv Oma Gordon born 31 Oct 1891.

11. xvi Ollie C. Gordon born 31 Oct 1891.

xvii Joshua Walter Gordon born 1 Mar 1894.

Sixth Generation

7. David Ashton Gordon (6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2,
1.William1) born 7 May 1872, married (1) 24 Dec 1891, in Bradley Co., T.,
by Granville Lee M.G., Florance "Nettie" Rice, born 1868, (daughter of
Allen H. Rice and Prudence T. Terry) married (2) 22 Nov 1908, in Roane Co.,
Tn. by J. P. Renfrow, MG, Della Mae Crabtree. David died 29 Dec 1940.

Children by Florance "Nettie" Rice:

i John Gordon born 13 Sep 1892, died 12 Dec 1918, buried:
Luminary Methodist Church cemetery.

12. ii Frank Gordon born 11 Aug 1894.

13. iii Brad Sullivan Gordon born 10 Sep 1896.

14. iv Isham Lloyd Gordon.

15. v Jessie Gordon.

16. vi Elbert Burke Gordon born 19 Mar 1906.

Children by Della Mae Crabtree:

17. vii Jack Monroe Gordon.

18. viii Eugene Lee Gordon.

19. ix William Crabtree Gordon.

20. x Dode Smith Gordon.

21. xi Carl David "Toots" Gordon.

8. Lieuniser (Lou) Gordon (6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2,
1.William1) born 21 Mar 1878, married ?? Slaughter.


i Martine Gordon.

9. Leonidas (Lee) Gordon (6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2,
1.William1) born 10 Apr 1881, Tasso, Tn., married (1) 26 Jun 1926, Bertha
Margaret Nicholson, born 4 Oct 1890, McMinnville, Oregon, died 7 Aug 1930,
Cleveland, Tn., buried: Friendship Cemetery Cleveland, Tn., married (2)
Minnie Owenby. Leonidas died 19 Nov 1942, Cleveland, Tn., buried:
Friendship Cemetery Cleveland, Tn.

Children by Bertha Margaret Nicholson:

22. i Virgil Lee Gordon born 29 Apr 1927.

23. ii Evelyn Faye Gordon born 8 Oct 1928.

iii Baby Gordon born 7 Aug 1930, died 7 Aug 1930, died at birth.

10. Oma Gordon (6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2, 1.William1) born
31 Oct 1891, married William T. Lawson, born abt 1890, died 1965, Marietta,
Ga., buried: New Friendship Church Cemetery.


24. i Jeweldean Lawson born 15 Mar 1914.

ii William T. Lawson married Catherine (mnu) Lawson. William died

iii Howard Lawson. iv Arther Lawson.

11. Ollie C. Gordon (6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2, 1.William1)
born 31 Oct 1891, twin, married Arthur Filyaw. Ollie died 1 Aug 1989.


i Jessie Lynn Filyaw born 22 Feb 1912, married Floyd Silver.
Jessie died 5 Sep 1937.

ii J. R. Filyaw born 8 Jul 1914, married Bernice Clenin. J. R.
died 1977.

iii Mildred Filyaw born 9 Aug 1916, married 10 Sep 1932, Sherman
Elmore, born 28 Apr 1913. Mildred died 6 Jun 1995, Cleveland, Tn.

iv Roselle Filyaw born 29 Aug 1918, married Jack Odom.

Seventh Generation

12. Frank Gordon (7.David6, 6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2,
1.William1) born 11 Aug 1894, married 7 Mar 1914, Nettie Pierce, born 4 May
1896, died 6 Aug 1942. Frank died 21 May 1953.


25. i Jessie Gordon born 22 Aug 1918.

ii David Clack Gordon born 10 Nov 1920, died 1 Feb 1951, Korea.

26. iii Edna Gordon born 7 Feb 1923.

27. iv Madie Gordon born 7 Mar 1925.

28. v Opal Gordon born 5 Mar 1928.

vi Smith Gordon born 28 Jul 1932, died 12 Apr 1955, car accident.

vii Velva Gordon married 24 Dec 1936, in Roane Co., Tn. by Rev.
B.M. Gibson, Thomas Boyd Keylon, born 25 Aug 1914, Roane Co.,
Tn., (son of William Thomas Keylon and Amanda Jane Renfro)
occupation Heat treat specialist @ Union Carbide K-25 Plant.

29. viii Ralph Gordon born 30 Dec 1934.

13. Brad Sullivan Gordon (7.David6, 6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3,
2.William2, 1.William1) born 10 Sep 1896, occupation Farmer, Sawmill and
Security Guard @ Union Carbide K-25 Plant. married 18 Jan 1920, Hester Ann
Branham, born 6 Feb 1896, Roane Co. Tn., (daughter of Samuel Columbus
Branham and E. Missouri Martin) died 6 Aug 1979, buried: Luminary Cemetary
Roane Co., Tn. Brad died 1 Mar 1962, Roane Co., Tn.


30. i Samuel David Gordon born 4 Mar 1921.

31. ii Frankie Marie Gordon born 17 Apr 1923.

32. iii Betty Jean Gordon born 29 Jun 1925.

iv Joy Ellen Gordon born 13 Nov 1930, died 13 Nov 1930.

33. v Brad Sullivan Gordon Jr. born 28 Sep 1937.

14. Isham Lloyd Gordon (7.David6, 6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2,
1.William1) married (1) Alta Plemons, married (2) Macy Walden.

Children by Alta Plemons:

i Wanda Gordon.

ii Donald Gordon.

Children by Macy Walden:

iii Lyla Gordon.

iv Isham Lloyd Gordon Jr..

v Richard Gordon.

15. Jessie Gordon (7.David6, 6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3, 2.William2,
1.William1) married Sanny Raby.


i Ray Raby.

34. ii Archie Raby.

iii Ted Raby married Betty ??.

iv Lester Raby.

v Gordon Raby.

vi Jessie June Raby.

16. Elbert Burke Gordon (7.David6, 6.Joshua5, 5.L. D.4, 3.John3,
2.William2, 1.William1) born 19 Mar 1906, married 27 Aug 1933, Ruth Winonna
Woody, (daughter of William Henry Woody and Lillie Minton) occupation
Homemaker. Elbert died 18 Feb 1988.