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Descendants of John Gordon Sir of Pitlburg.

1. John Gordon Sir of Pitlburg. He died in 1600. He married Isabel Forbes and they had the following children:

i. Robert Gordon of Pitlburg cartographer was born in 1580. He died in 1661. He married Katherine Irvine. She was born in 1586.

ii. John Gordon.

2. Robert Gordon of Pitlburg cartographer. He was born in 1580, died in 1661. He married Katherine Irvine, born in 1586. She was the daughter of Alexander Irvine of Lynmark, born in 1550. He died in 1591.

They had the following child.

i. James Gordon was born in 1615 in Scotland. He died in 1686. He married Katherine Gordon. She was born about 1618. Katherine Gordon and James Gordon had the following child:

3. Katherine Gordon was born about 1658 in Rothiemay, Banffshire, Scotland. She died after 1715 in Scotland. She married William Grant. He was born in 1660 in Conglass, Iverurie, Scotland. He died on 01 Mar 1732 in Creichie, Scotland.