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Descendants of Arthur Lee Gordon, b. 1882 in Arkansas or Canada

Family Gordon-Mapes: 


Callie P. Mapes (Maypes) was born 3-16-1868 in Washington/Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. She died in Independence, Louisiana 6-10-1954.  

Her children:  


Harriet Josephine Mapes (Maypes). She was born 12-8-1888 in Hammon, Louisiana. She died 10-28-1963 in Dallas, Texas. She married Arthur Lee Gordon. He was born 12-6-1882 in Arkansas or Canada. He died in Dallas, TX. 12-23-1914. On the death certificate his father was said to be William Gordon and his mother was said to be a Thomas.   

Their children:   


Lira (Vera) May Gordon was born 9-5-1913 in Montgomery, Alabama. She died 6-5-1992 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She married George Thomas Cherry. He was born 10-11-1911 in Christian County, Kentucky. He died 6-24-1985 in Hopkinsville, KY.