KIT NUMBER: 107777


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Seems to me that Gordon kit #5320 (shown below) could be a “missing link” between the Gordons and Carters (and therefore all of us). I’m copying this to the Gordon group admins, perhaps they can connect us to the person behind kit #5320, or perhaps they have some thoughts on this possible connection.

If you can’t see the screenshot below, then checkout and search for “Jacob Carter” (our YDNA reference match). Seems to me this is a strong clue as to us coming from the same ancestor as these haplo-I1 Gordons. There are dozens of near-perfect matches in this group with our YDNA signature (ASSUMING THAT OUR DYS447 ‘MUTATED’ FROM 22 TO 21). Notice that the member with kit #5320 has Jacob Carter’s same anomalies (colored), if DYS447 is not considered.